Sensitiv Imago 500/530

Sensitiv Imago 500 is the best model of the Sensitivs. The device is graded to the business class.
Sensitiv 500 CE (530) works in a high and ultrahigh frequency diapason. There is a "floating" generator. Sensitiv provides stable biological feedback between patient and device. As distinct from the similar models it doesn't matter which of cerebral hemispheres is more active - left or right. Sensor - bipolar electrode with plain additional electrode, comes with the device. Quantum-optical modulator (QOM), bimodal, with modulated infeed with high frequencies. Magnetooptical chamber (MOC) of new generation allows to test any preparations except foil-coated. There are also myo - relaxation mode, auto scanning, negative information reset.

System of bistabile analyzers (SBA) came instead outdated trigger sensors. There are three mode of SBA - sensors calibration. Coarse tuning - system calibrates SBA sensors in keeping with an ambient background, geographical position and frequency response of the examinant. Transitional tuning - system is calibrates in keeping with biological radiating of the object (human). Delicate tuning - system analyzes the condition of sensors and automatically calibrates them before each information retrieval.

Model 500 has taken a gold medal on the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv.

 Sensitiv Imago 100/130

Sensitiv 100 is the most popular model. Sensitiv 100 can be used on the on-site attendances as well as the economy class models, in the same time having all advantages of stationary models.

Sensitiv Imago 100 is one of the most attractive models on price/quality/abilities ratio.

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