Sensitiv Imago

We would like to present you the newest model of the equipment Sensitiv Imago with the newest software!

 Comparison to older device

  1. The program was developed with account of possibility of adding to the equipment “Sensitiv Imago” additional devices, such as Non-invasive Blood Analyzer, that will be soon available on the market!.

  2. To the samples database were added:
    • Contaminants
    • Food additives (harmful food additives, E)
    • Technogenic load

  3. To the program were added additional 42 frames of organs and tissues, also were composed statistics about them.

  4. The program becomes more understandable and accessible for reading. Namely were changed the titles of the options 01, 03, 11, 12, 37, also the formulation became more limpid and understandable not just for operators, but for the patients too.

  5. Were improved the frequencies rates of pathological sample processes and frequencies of pathogenic microorganisms.

  6. Were added the references of frequency-similar processes, that gave the possibility to analyze the station of the skin, gastrointestinal tract, pelvic organs, etc. more detailed.

  7. Was improved the work with Vegeto-test.

  8. Was updated and expanded function for preparing spectronosodes.

  9. Was added function of biorhythm calculation according 4 parameters: emotional, physical, intelligent and general.

  10. Were added the possibilities of comparing the states of the body before and after the treatment.

  11. Was updated the database of the companies, that produce the nutritional supplements.

  12. Were improved the process of working with archives of the clients, with exporting and importing, also with moving the information from one operator to another one.

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